Simple, useful calculator for free on the Microsoft Store for Windows 8 and 10.

Simple operation
After starting, you can use the numeric keypad or select with the mouse or your fingers if you have the screen with this possibility.

List of all results
All your operations are gathered in the results list. You can follow your calculations all the time.

In the calculation, you can select previous results from the list
When you are about to make a calculation as it is possible to also select a previous result from the list. You have two options: Select a value and it is transferred or drag-and-drop the same value.

Select the number of rows in the result list
Then you can summarize or perform the four operations on the list you selected. Note, that the first value is always what the program begins with. If you have 1, 2 and 3 where you select the first 3, then 1, and then press minus. Then you get the result 3-1 is 2.

F1      Help and About …
F2      Settings
F3      Disable the result list visibility
F4      Delete All selection from the results list
F5      Clear the results list and the input field (=New Start)
Esc    Clear the results list and the input field (=New Start)
Back Delete last dialed characters or all about results exists

Memory for storing your most important results
You can use the memory (m+) to store positive (m+) or negative (m-) results. If you want to use the results of your calculation you use (mr) and if you want to clear and reset the memory, use (mc).
It is possible to select many numbers from the results list and pressing (m+) and (m-) to sum or subtract into memory. When the program exits from the existing value and adds or subtracts all the selected rows in the list.

Copy to Scrapbook
All results in the list can be copied into the clipboard. The program removes the operations and lists all rows numbers. Then you can easily cut the result into another program Notebook, Word, Excel or Google Docs.

Paste from the clipboard
One of the strongest possibility is that you can cut out all the results from any program that you cut into the clipboard directly into the results list. Example are if you have many texts and figures in Excel, you can easily cut the numbers in the results list. You can then select the row by row and start to operate with values. Copy the results list and cut it in to clear up the operations which can sometimes be appropriate.