The best quick and easy to use tool for scanning all your pictures to retreive text. This program uses Microsofts best optical character recognition (OCR) API for reading text from images. We also use XamlBrewer.Uwp.Controls to crop pictures. OCR support several languages and try to solve the translation according to best fit.

This tool can help you to:
1) Read pictures or PDF and scan for text.

Supported file formats:
BMP – Windows BitMaP file format
GIF – Graphic Interchange Format
JPG, JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group format
PNG – Portable Network Graphics format
PDF – Adobe the Portable Document Format 

2) Paste picture directly from clipboard.

3) Use Win + Shift + S to copy screen window and paste into this app and convert to text.

4) Or…Crop your picture in this app. Scan only the cropped part. This will give you the possibility to scan several parts of your picture.

5) Using several files all texts will be added together in one string.

6) Save the resulting text (or selected text) content into a text file.

7) Copy the result into clipboard memory fo quick access into other programs.

8) Delete and clean the resulting text or delete all text that is not selected.

9) Re-scan the picture several times to get multiple results.

10) If you have a supported Camera you can take photo and program will convert the picture into text.

Produce text in several ways:
* One long string of words.
* Seperate in text lines depending how it is found on picture.
* Seperate into words

You can select if you want to convert incomming pictures directly to text in clipboard.