Do you have a world history knowledge and want to test your skills? Then you should test this apple iPhone or iPad app.


Historical – What Year Quiz?
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You have 2 different modes to select:

Simple – Run by yourself towards the clock and your own knowledge. A random number of questions will come up and you select only before or after the previous years result.


Multiple – Set your answers in a time line with up to 10 years. Where do your result fit? Is it between these years or some where else?


This game is perfect for Team gaming. Use 2 iPhones or iPads and see what team uses less number of rounds. You can also see what team will be the quickest!

Freeze – Will freeze all your green years and set them to red. Then it is not possible to loose them if you give a wrong answer. If you compete in teams the action will go over to your competitors.

Restart – When it is your turn again then restart and get next question.

Exit – Will exit your Multiple game and go to the start page.

In What year quiz you test if this is before or after the year from question before. Simple? Yes, but very FUN!

Now released on the App Store!


What Year Quiz